50 housing units to be built 



  50 housing units to be built  


 Renovation project 

  They're going home! 


 Renovation project 

  They're going home!  


Help food

Fighting hunger and preventing malnutrition

Child child

Giving hope and a future to an entire generation

Access to drinking water

Thousands of people in abandoned camps, without drinking water.

Protection animal

Welcome and feed animals in distress, lost or abandoned animals

Protecting environment

To build a safer future for thousands of families.

An NGO expert à size human !


With 12 years of humanitarian experience under their belts, the members of Smile Younited have a wealth of expertise in humanitarian aid in the field, which they have chosen to put to good use in providing concrete, effective and lasting help to refugees.


Well versed in the field and its particularities, and convinced that humanitarian work must adapt to the specific context in which it operates, they wanted to develop a human-scale organization capable of carrying out actions that make a difference in the short, medium and long term for the targeted beneficiaries.


Our two-pronged action: humanitarian aid and development aid!


The work of our NGO has a single objective: to respond to the real needs encountered in the field, which can be divided into categories of action.

The first: emergency humanitarian aid. Today, millions of civilians still fear for their survival, living without access to drinking water, without the ability to feed themselves, in sanitary and material insecurity, all year round, in every season... The aim of our work here is to address the urgency and gravity of the situation in which they find themselves, and enable them to survive each day in the conditions they face.

Second: development aid. Convinced that the ultimate aim of humanitarian work is to bring about lasting improvements in living conditions, many of our actions in the field are part of this process of rebuilding many aspects of people's lives. Rehousing of camp inhabitants, permanent access to education, construction of wells, support for the disabled and their reintegration into social and professional life, (re)launching of professional activities and return to employment: rebuilding for a new lease of life!


Smile Younited: a humanitarian NGO diversified, sustainable and transparent !

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Your donation entitles you to a 66% tax reduction: a €100 donation costs you just €33!

Our actions

Access todrinking water

Disability support

Orphanage Smile Younited

Animal protection

Your CUSTOM action

Would you like to carry out your own humanitarian action? Share your ideas with us and let us show you what we can do! 

Become more than a donor 


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Our Values


Smile Younited's action is based on the responsibility to help the most disadvantaged and to support them in improving their daily lives.


Smile Younited refuses to discriminate in any way, and focuses solely on helping the most vulnerable.


Smile Younited is driven by the desire to help those who are suffering, and is mobilized against human and animal suffering, which it considers intolerable.


Smile Younited is committed to being transparent with its donors and partners in the allocation and management of its funds. 


Smile Younited is committed to respecting the rights of its beneficiaries and to treating them all equally and with diginity.


Smile Younited puts its expertise, skills and energy at the service of its beneficiaries in a concrete and sustainable way.

Our team

The Smile Younited France team is entirely voluntary!